How Facebook can help your Restaurant business

Let’s have a look at how you get Facebook to work for your Cafe and Restaurant. End of the day, fill more seats.


Don’t spend too much time and money on Facebook for Business. They say 1 hour is the ideal time to spend managing a business when you are running a Cafe or a Restaurant. Don’t outsource your social media marketing. No one knows your business as yourself. Marketing companies always take the safe route. Your post has to be catchy, lively and colorful. DIY is the best approach.

Always have 2 Facebook accounts. One for your personal use and one to manage your business. Use 2 Internet browser to be save you login. That way you don’t have to login/out between the 2 account.


One of the biggest mistakes you can do as a business is, use your personal Facebook (account) profile for your business. You are going to miss out important features like location, Insights, Audience, Marketing tools, etc. Most of all, your customers will have to be a friend first before they engage in your business. Customers generally wouldn’t want to be friends with you. They just want to experience your food and hospitality and make a time stamp on it. This is what Facebook page allows you.

Never buy Facebook likes. They are not your audience. It’s not the number you have as likes. It’s the quality and how interactive the audience you have. What’s the point of having a Facebook page with 1000 likes, when your crowd is not local and not active.

Now that you have your Facebook page let’s focus on audience and the content. Build a genuine Audience and maintain genuine content. Your content have to be live with highlights. Do not add any outdated information to your page. Continuously fill your page wall with detailed photos of new dishes as they come out of the kitchen. If you do cocktails, take some colorful images and be interactive on your page. Cover your special event and upload the photos to the wall straightaway. It’s best, if you can do this while the program is on going,.while there’s time left for anyone who sees it through Facebook page can come.

Facebook Wifi is another cost effective way of getting a Facebook check-in to your business. Spend couple of hundred dollars buying a Facebook compatible router and connect it to your Facebook page. Now FREE WIFI for your customers in return Facebook check-in.

Request for some reviews between the 2 dishes for example, what is your favorite dish to be. If you have a Popular Chef, make use of him as a spokes person. If you did a new renovation, do a photo cover and put it on Facebook wall. Having said all these, you have to be patience until you build your audience before you try become interactive on your Facebook page. Otherwise it’s a show with no audience.

One of the best things you can do is, make use of an iPhone with Page App. When you see some people having a great time, approach them and ask for a photo for your Facebook wall. 99% of the time, they will join together for a group photo. Upload the photo right away and show them. Chances are, all of them will visit your page and Tag themselves on the photo you just uploaded. Winning! Train your front house staff to handle the iPhone well. It’s all about filling much live information to expand your reach through your Facebook page. Post your staff hiring on business page as well. This can be a very cost effective method to be talked within the industry crowd.

There are two ways you can reach new audience, Organic Reach and Paid Reach. All of the above we’ve talked are organic reach. Make use of Paid Reach to promote your signature dish. Your paid reach is your potential customers. This is a direct conversion of money spend on social media to fill seats on your restaurant.

Facebook marketing should be a big part for your business marketing strategy. What makes the difference of the outcome for each business, is the commitment, quality of content and audience of your Facebook page.

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