POS Systems

No.1 Reliable POS System Supplier

No.1 Reliable POS System Supplier

No.1 POS System for Retail Shops, Cafes & Restaurants.

Our popular POS System includes,
1. 15″ Touchscreen All-in-one POS Terminal
2. 8 Coins 5 Notes Cash Drawer with x2 Keys
3. 80mm Thermal Printer for Receipts
4. 80mm Thermal Printer for Kitchen Dockets (Optional)
5. EzyPOS Software, Installation, Menu setup, Staff Training
6. Warranty and After Sale Service

*The popular POS system package includes Software setup, Installation & Training as a part of providing a total POS Solution.



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As a reliable pos system supplier also provide extra Hardware addons. Extra order printers, order display bump screens, customer advertising display, integrated scales and integrated EFTPOS are few. The pos system software has some amazing features. Some on the highlights are 5 second rule for sale completion. It’s easy on new staff with 5min training and self explaining POS Software.

Features : Multiple table layouts, Table order taking, Multiple kitchen order dockets, Order display bump screens, VIP Points, Loyalty cards, Mobile stock manager and Inventory manager, Email and SMS marketing, plus many more features.

So, how much does a POS system cost?

“It depends with what hardware you want to be included. As a responsible POS System Supplier, We don’t sell refurbish used equipment. Our software does not have ongoing payments. What you get is a reliable POS system with no ongoing payments”.

On an average, a business spends about $2000 for POS Hardware and $1000 for POS Software Warranty and Support. This is an indicative price only and price depends with the choice of POS equipment.

Low Cost POS System | Tablet POS System

Low Cost Tablet POS System

What EzyPOS can do for you?

A good POS System will streamline the Order Process. Faster order taking with reduce mistakes means serving more customers. We make sure you will have a faster cashing-out, faster delivery, reduce theft and remove all possibilities of making mistakes from servers and kitchen. Your new POS System will pay for it self with these every day savings.

EzyPOS can run store promotions. Offer vouches. Issue Customer Loyalty Cards. Give VIP Points. Give Discounts. Managing Tables Easy with Table Layout. Very Simple Stock Manager. Lower Down Time.

EzyPOS has a good reputation being a provider of a great pos software, reliable pos hardware, after sales support and professional expertise from years of experience in the industry.

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