Benefits of a POS system

Benefits of a POS system that will improve daily sales of Retail Shop, Cafe or Restaurant.

1. A good POS System open doors for more customers.

If a customer wants to pay with credit card while your business only take cash, the customer will choose to go to restaurant down the road, where he has the facility to pay via EFTPOS. While a restaurant may have an ATM on-site, many customers will be reluctant. Simply because, customer and ATM fees does not go together.

2. Quicker checkout.

Hi traffic food business can greatly benefit from introduction of a POS system over a cash only cash register payment system. While a line out the door, time is money. Cash or Card, you need to deliver customers as quickly as possible, efficiently.

3. Prevent order errors using a POS system.

A happy customer, fine food and less hassle, is one that is likely to return again and again. When your restaurant front of the house and back of the house communicate on POS system together with Kitchen Order Printers, it will immediately improve communication between servers and kitchen staff. If you are currently using handwritten tickets, bad handwriting, missing items causes delays. A POS will completely eliminate as each order is input directly into a computer and organize your order into Entrée – Main – Desserts – Drinks to have a smooth flow.

4. Reservations integrated to POS system.

You can efficiently manage your books using the POS system, since you don’t need to go back to reservation book to finding the customer names and how many people, etc. A good POS system will forward the reservation straight to a table and let you immediately make them available to take orders is a big plus point.

5. Track inventory.

For a small café or restaurant that truly wants to keep overhead costs to a minimum, meticulously inventory tracking is critical. Accurate inventory tracking will keep food costs low and manage inventory doesn’t spoil.

6. Split Sales – Split Bills using a POS system.

A party that wants to split a check in a cash only restaurant is not a game. Lot of restaurants avoid split bills due to hand splitting tickets likely to lead to error and consume time. With the use of a restaurant POS system, splitting a ticket with multiple credit card payments is almost instantaneous and likely the group to return another day.

7. Manage operators.

Having individual logins to operators keep the responsibilities separate and since the order dockets and final invoice states the operator’s name, this comes really handy when you want to trace back on error and for training purpose. Another plus point is, you can get the POS system work as the time keeper for payroll assistance.

8. Promotions & Vouchers.

Restaurants attracts customer not only from food. For Example; buy one – get one free offers, Vouchers, Email, SMS marketing etc, plays a big role, if you want to be little different and attractive from your competitors.

9. Order History – Reprint Receipt – Edit Sales and Refunds.

If you are a Café or Business owner, you know how many times a customer would come back asking for a copy of the final receipt 2 days after. With a POS system, going back and see order history, what items was in that order, returns, refunds and reprint is on a press of a button.

10. View business performance.

Have you ever wondered “How many Burgers have I sold last month?” or “What food item makes most profit in my business?”. A push button cash register will not be able to tell you these. A POS system is intelligent enough for your to answer these types of questions and more, which help you to take management decisions to make changes in the business towards a healthy profit margin.

While the initial cost of a POS system may seem like too much for a new or small time café or a restaurant, the investment is worth its benefits.

Not all POS systems were created equal!
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