Online Ordering System – Web Ordering – Online Reservation

Online Ordering System comes with Online Reservation.

Stop regular customers queue in for takeaway! Take online orders for your website. Notify customer by SMS.

We have launched a new Online Ordering Service featured for Cafes and Restaurants. It helps with busy peak period of the day. Keeping your regular customers waiting ages for a coffee or a takeaway can take the edge off a tasty meal – especially if you’re in a hurry. Also, taking online reservation has never been easy. Confirm everything online.

For example, if you have high takeaway traffic for coffees and food during peak time from your regular customers, and you want to reduce the waiting time, we have the solution for you.

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How Online Ordering System work,

Step 1. Your customers now can order and pay for Coffees and Food online ahead of time.

Step 2. You get the order and your customer get a SMS confirming the order.

Step 3. When the order is ready to pickup, Customer get a pickup notification via SMS.

Step 4. Customer shows the SMS order ID at the counter and Pickup the Order.

Customers pays directly to your bank account online or pay you on pickup. Your business, your customers. You can offer special discounts and vouchers to highlight your online menu. All this means, regular customers, paid orders, visiting you when food is ready to pickup. We offer a personalized online ordering system for your Cafe and Restaurant. Signup today.

“Just take it and go”.

online ordering and stop the queue

online ordering and stop the queue