Facebook WIFI – Guest WIFI Internet

facebook like - facebook check-in

facebook like – facebook check-in

When it comes to Social media marketing, facebookbook wifi, facebook like, facebook check-in, guest wifi internet are the main topics to look at. These are options not many businesses have looked at yet.

We have seen cafes and restaurants giving out Coffees and Cupcakes in return of Customer Likes. Those days are gone. DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN GET FACEBOOK LIKES AND CHECK-IN FOR FREE? Social media marketing plays a big role in your business reaching out to new customers. There is a great way to get Facebook likes and check-in to your business by running a free Guest WIFI Hotspot.

How you can get Facebook Likes and Facebook Check-in?

Call EzyPOS on 0390052010 for a DEMO.

Guest Wifi Facebook Wifi Facebook Likes

Guest Wifi Facebook Wifi Facebook Likes

What is a Facebook Wifi?

It is special router as seen on the image below, connects to your existing internet modem/router. This router will transmit a Wifi signal with a similar name “Your cafe Guest Wifi”. When a guest come to your business, a popup will display your facebook page in their mobile saying Check-in for Free Wifi. A session is valid for 30mins and one will have to Check-in again for an extended stay.

The bandwidth is limited in this special Router to limit your total internet usage. That’s how you get Free Facebook Chick-in for your business by offering your customers free Wifi.

As one of our advertising approach, we give away a free Facebook Wifi Router, one of every fifty Cafes and Restaurants signup with us with expression of interest. So, signup to our newsletter now and give it a try.

What is a Facebook Like?

A facebook like to a facebook business page is, when a person looks at your business facebook page or post and press like on it. You get to see who liked your facebook page and it display on your page or post.

What is a Facebook Check-in?

Facebook check-in is when a person checks in to your business page on the facebook page. This is an option on your facebook page to promote your business saying that person has reached your business premises. You can’t see these check-ins unless you have a special hardware device. But, this post will go on their facebook wall for his friends circle to see.

Which is more value for a business, Facebook Likes or Check-in?

This is more a person point of view. We believe Facebook check-in has more impact on your Social Media presence and a like. It tell’s the world that someone it potentially buying your product or service. People like to follow people. It’s human nature. So, more people check-in to your business means your product or service has a bigger better exposure to facebook walls of lot of people.